Everyone's right to speak freely should not be arbitrarily deprived by centralized platforms. With the Twitter account of the incumbent US President Trump being blocked, we understand that centralized platforms are not always as free as advertised. Don't worry about banning and deleting posts. The right to freedom of speech needs to be protected by decentralized, anonymous, and non-tamperable blockchain technology.

What's Bwitter

Bwitter is a social platform based on blockchain technology. It is a decentralized Twitter and Weibo. On the currency push, every KOL is a stock. People who follow you need to pay you, which is also equal to After buying your stock, as more and more people follow you, your stock is becoming more valuable and the people who follow you also rise, realizing the common benefits of bloggers and fans. The biggest difference between Bwitter and Twitter is that it integrates functions such as Defi, socialFe, NFT, etc., and is the most basic facility of the metaverse.



We try to rely on the power of decentralization to reconstruct the form of social products, hoping to better protect users' privacy, data security and interests.

Increase the income of creators

In the Bwitter ecosystem, every user and every KOL is a stock. As long as someone follows you, you can get this income. Your avatar and your headline can be used for sale and auction.

KOL and user revenue sharing

Bwitter is a symbiosis system. Each user is both a blogger and a stock holder. People you follow make money, and you make money. You make money, and people who follow you make money.

User data belongs to the user

On the Bwitter platform, all data belongs to the user, and the platform cannot use the data without the user's authorization.

News returns to its essence

On the Bwitter platform, all messages sent are not controlled by the platform, nor controlled by other groups, and are not affected by rankings. Messages that meet the contract filtering conditions can be successfully sent. There is no title or prohibition.


New model

Use financial means to play social, decentralized encrypted social technology, and create a social 3.0 ecology in the era of value Internet.

High starting point

As the underlying support technology, blockchain technology is difficult to design and develop, and its operation method is completely different from traditional Internet methods.

Track standard

Traditional social networking has reached a trillion U.S. dollar market value, but the value of users and KOLs is far from being used. Crypto-society uses financial attributes to efficiently and valuablely link social networking, which will create the next trillion-level market.

Token Distribution


Core Team Member

David Valverde

CEO| Pranos.Ai

Community for Global Innovation

Co-owner at Grabb-it ( YC S18)




William Stanislaus


Grabb-It (S18-YC backed Startup)

Co-Founder & CTO

Ericsson/Principal Software Engineer


Avaya/WLAN Design&Release Manager

Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah

pVault Investments LLC

Chairman and Managing Partner

Relam Investment

Floos Payment Service Provider L.L.C

Managing Director

Vault Smart IT Solutions Director


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions



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